"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Lunch With Chris Sligh and Sam

Well today was a sweet Lunch. I am usually not into the celebrity type person deal because i am Philipino, just kidding, but had lunch with a huge group from student ministries and we were honored with the presence of Chris Sligh. Yup!!! Josh Griffin asked if we wanted to go and have lunch with him and Chris. And i said ahhh naaa you guys go and hang, but then found out that he was Worship Leader in SC and a whole bunch of peoples were going. And i am always up for hanging with other Worship leaders. Awesome!!! The bummer thing is i didn't get into the group picture with everyone because i had to leave early for a appointment. (Photo). Go to find out that he actually moved to Tenn to "melt people's faces with Rock", which was an awesome comment. Totally awesome dude, i pray and hope that God uses him in cool way in the secular musical industry.

I think there was a moment when everyone at the table was embarrassed because most of you know that i am not a loud person, okay i am lieing, but i yelled something loud enough for the whole Islands Restaurant to be silent for about 3 seconds. It was awesome, but my table was embarrassed.

Also at lunch today Marky and Sam, 2 original Droopy's who came and ate lunch and it was great eating lunch with them. Love those boys!!!

I am a Loud Philipino and i can admit that

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