"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Just fun stuff this Past Week!!!

Just don't want to take it for granted, feel very blessed.
Stop and Pause to give thanks in your life that God has given you.

- Pot Luck With the DROOPY's O6 Black and White Girls and Boys - SO MUCH FOOD!!! Awesome time of Lauging!!!

- San Clemente Practice with the OHIO Band - Very Excited

- Time with Marky

- Took baby pictures of Lea at Babies R Us, spur of the moment to surprise MOMMY, and bought her a new dress.

Incredible Night of Worship at CRAVE - That night would not have happened if they didn't have such awesome worship leader JOHN STERNS. The way those Cravers worship just doesn't happen, but its intentionally taught worship.

Spoke at CVCS Junior High about Love
- Last year i got to lead those students in worship and seeing them today I miss them.

ALSO one of my best friends from College started a BLOG!!! CHECK IT - MATTY C.
The blog title alone is Awesome!!! He is a Junior High Pastor out in Virginia, he was groomsman in my wedding.

And now blogging hanging with MY Beautiful (Who has a Cold) Wife and my Eating everything she finds Baby!!!

Sorry no Pics

Blessed Chubby Philipino

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poncho said...

Oh my goodness, our bible teacher taught about love this weekend in our chapel!!! What a quinky dink!

P.S. (Go Ohio!)