"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Always look at the date on your Tickets

So last Tuesday a mentor of mine gave me 4 tickets to watch an Angel game this past Thursday. I was totally pumped, not because i am an Angel fan, because i am Braves fan who really stink right now with a 3-7 record which is no reason to still be an Angel fan, but this week is spring break for some of our students in our ministry and its a cool time to hang. I made plans yesterday, Thursday, to hang out with 2 students from the band and a random friend of one of the students, to meet at my office at 12 to head up for the game. Around 11:30 Stephen (AKA:Flotch) calls and says, "Taffy are you sure that the Angels are playing today because on the schedule its says there playing at Seattle." So i said "MMMMM hold on let me look at the tickets and YUP your right the tickets were for yesterday." Anyways, the lesson from this blog - ALWAYS CHECK THE DATE ON YOUR TICKETS.

I am Moron Philipino, but GO BRAVES